Liens aux Organisations ayant rapport avec l’UGGI

L’UGGI n’est qu’une organisation internationale parmi plusieurs qui se dirige envers la compréhension et l’entretien de notre environnement géophysique. Cette liste a le but d’tre une référence rapide aux autres entités qui partagent les memes intérets avec l’UGGI. Les additions et les corrections sont sollicitées chaleureusement.

AAAR American Association for Aerosol Research
AGU American Geophysical Union
BGI Bureau Gravimétrique International
  Cartographic Office of the United Nations
CDS Centre des Donnees Stellaires
CLiC Climate and Cryosphere
CLIVAR Climate Variability and Predictability
CMG Committee for Mathematical Geophysics  
CNFGG Comite National Francais de Geodesie et Geophysique
CODATA Committee on Data for Science and Technology
COSPAR Committee on Space Research
COSTED/IBN Committee on Science and Technology in Developing Countries/ International Biosciences
CSS Union Commission on Cryospheric Sciences
EGU European Geosciences Union
EGY Electronic Geophysical Year
  Earthplatform - Environment Search Engine
GCOS Global Climate Observing System
GeoRisk Union Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability
GEWEX Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
GOOS Global Ocean Observing System
GSHAP Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program
GTOS Global Terrestrial Observing System
IAG/AIG International Association of Geodesy
Association Internationale de Géodésie
IAGA/AIGA International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy
Association Internationale de Géomagnétisme et d'Aéronomie
IAHR/AIRH International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research
IAHS/AISH International Association of Hydrological Sciences
Association Internationale des Sciences Hydrologiques
IAMAS/AIMSA International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
Association Internationale de Météorologie et des Sciences de l'Atmosphère
IAPSO/AISPO International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Ocean
Association Internationale des Sciences Physiques de l'Océan
IASPEI/AISPIT International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior
Association Internationale de Séismologie et de Physique de l'Intérieur de la Terre
IAU International Astronomical Union
IAUC International Association for Urban Climate
IAVCEI/AIVCIT International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior
Association Internationale de Volcanologie et de Chimie de l'Intérieur de la Terre
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICET International Center of Earth Tides
ICSU International Council for Science
IERS International Earth Rotation Service
IGBP Scientific Committee for the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IGNSS International GNS Service
IGeS International Geoid Service
IGU International Geographical Union 
IHDP International Human Dimensions Programme
IHY International Heliophysical Year
ILP International Lithosphere Program
INQUA International Union for Quaternary Research
IOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
ISES International Space Environment Service
ISGI International Service of Geomagnetic Indices
ISPRS International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
IUCAF Scientific Committee on frequency allocations for radioastronomy and space science
IUGG International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
IUGG99 Proceedings for 1999 Birmingham General Assembly
IUGS International Union of Geological Sciences
IUSS International Union of Soil Sciences
OAS Organization of American States
PAIGH/IPGH Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia
PCBS Programme on Capacity Building in Science
PSMSL Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level
QBSA Quarterly Bulletin of Solar Activity
SCAR Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SCOPE Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
SCOR Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
SCOSTEP Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics
SCJ Science Council of Japan
SEDI Study of the Earth's Deep Interior
SIDC Solar Influences Data Analysis
SPARC Stratospheric Processes and their role in Climate
TSUNAMI Tsunami Commission
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
URSI Union Radio Scientifique Internationale
WCRP WMO-ICSU-IOC World Climate Research Programme
WDC Panel on World Data Centres 5Geophysical, Solar
WGMS World Glacier Monitoring Service
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WOCE World Ocean Circulation Experiment